SEPTEMBER 18 2021 - OUT NOW!!!
The new HESPERIA "ROMA vol. II".
CD (Hidden Marly Production) and Cd limited gift
Guarda il video di "ROMANA ITALIA" (traccia 3)
-CD VERSION OUT NOW!!! Released by: Hidden Marly Production
jewel case 54 min. 16-page booklet.

Distributed by Zero Dimensional Records (Taake, Horna, Satanic Warmaster, Abigail, Helheim, ecc...)
-VINYL version in three different colours, OUT in spring 2022. Released by Doc-Records (MASTER, Paganizer, Occult, ecc...)
Digital version OUT next wednesday September 22 2021, on several web platforms.

Watch "ROMANA ITALIA" (track 3)

2021: The 7th HESPERIA's album "ROMA vol. II" OUT SEPTEMBER 18, 2021
The TRAILER (YouTube restriction 18+):

LABEL: Hidden Marly Production
Distribution by Zero Dimensional Records

HESPERIA “ROMA vol. II” - The second part of a concept about ancient ROME.
This is the WOLF volume: the Capitoline she-wolf that suckled Romulus and Remus, and Mars’ wolf, embodying the WAR spirit.
Seven centuries through wars & battles from the foundation of Rome to the creation of the Roman Empire.
More extreme and black metal, more complex and frenzied without forgetting the spiritual feelings and the epic atmospheres.
ROMAN BLACK METAL mainly screamed in LATIN with the ancient ROMAN pronunciation (language assistance by Andrea Verdecchia).

The 8 tracks talk about 8 great themes in the history of Rome:
(1) the foundation of Rome, (2) the seven kings, (3) the wars against the Italic populations for the domain of Italy, (4) the sack of Rome by Brennus and his Senones Gauls, (5) the three Punic wars, (6) Spartacvs and the servile wars, (7) the second Triumvirate and the death of Antonius and Cleopatra, (8) the birth of the Roman Empire (Emperor Caesar Octavianus Augustus).

1. Lupa Capitolina / ROMA 753 A.E.V.
8. ROMANVM IMPERIVM / Satvrnia Regna

Further details in September.

2017-2021: Uscita di 11 video ufficiali e lyric video per la rock metal opera multimediale CAESAR (un video per ogni brano dell'album)

April 2017: Uscita del sesto album CAESAR[ROMA vol. I]


April 2015: diviene endorser ufficiale diSempiternus Snare Drums



many shirts, long sleeves, sweat shirts, pins, cup of beer, aluminium Sibillini mountains bottle, etc...

February-April 2015: some interviews in Italy

February 2015: Hesperus become official endorser of BC RICH & GOLD MUSIC

30 January 2015: OUT NOW, released from Sleaszy Rider Records ( Hesperia 5th album METALLVM ITALICVM.
The first 1000 copies will be released in a Deluxe Limited Edition with slipcase and a 23x23cm poster.

The CD has a 16-page booklet with lyrics, cultural-spiritual-artistic explanation of the concept, instruments, ecc...
Like the previous albums, Metallvm Italicvm is an Enhanced CD: a Multimedia menu will guide you through Hesperia general concept explanation, illustrated story of the album, documents about recording/photografic places, hidden meanings.

The album is the 4th and final part of the tetralogy about Virgilio's Roman poem ENEIDE, and ends the pre-Roman age.

Recorded on the Picenian & Roman Holy Soil, near the ruins of the ancient roman town of Helvia Recina , Metallvm Italicvm contains ancient Ritual elements in Latin (taken from ENEIDE) celebrated over that holy soil.

The ritual elements will be shown in the next videoclips for the singles extracted from the album.

The album is a MANIFESTO of the ITALIC METAL genre, and this is a cut streaming version (20 out of 43 minutes)


this is the second single "De Bello Italico I"

A lot of guests took part, and among them : Mario Di Donato (The Black) and Knjaz Varggoth (Nokturnal Mortum).

-A FREE COPY will be given away to a random fan among those who follow Hesperia on the official networks (LIKE the PAGE) (FOLLOW the PAGE) (Subscribe to the channel)

Joining one of the network is enough.

The contest will end February 8th 2015. The winner will be contacted by Hesperus himself through the same networks.

25 January 2015: The 5th HESPERIA's album titled “METALLVM ITALICVM” (Aeneidos…pars IV) is ready


brano da cui verrà estratto il primo video-singolo"METALLVM ITALICVM I"
The studio sessions for the MASTER are ended the 14 of dicember 2014 at the DPF STUDIO
-The album TRAILER
-One of the song titled: Metallvm Italicvm I
-The artwork.
-Some other promo pics taken at the Theater of the roman ancient town ruins of HELVIA RECINA (Macerata, MC) and at Scena Italica's headquarter (Recanati, MC)

The CD is announced for the 24 of january 2015, published by SLEASZY RIDER RECORDS

The album is the 4th and last part of the concept about the Holy Roman poem“ENEIDE” (P.M. VIRGILIO), and has italian/latin lyrics.
It is a Manifesto of the cultural/spiritual genre called "METALLVM ITALICVM" (it: Metallo Italico; eng: Italic Metal):

-Against the italian “esterofilia” & the Decay of the Ancient Italic Glory & Spirit
-Against the homogenisation of music & art
-For the creation of the cultural & spiritual music genre: METALLVM ITALICVM
-For the Return of the Italic “IMPERIAL” scene through Metallum and Arts
-For the Return of Hesperia & the ITALIC Golden age
Metallvm Italicvm is a strong attack to the false emperors of nowdays
(Hesperus - 2014)

the guests:
Fervs (L'EFFET C'EST MOI, ex MORKAL), Figlia della Tempesta (Lo Spirito del Luogo), Lord Inferos, Adranor, Flagellum (LEGION of DARKNESS), Mancan (ECNEPHIAS), "M" (The True ENDLESS, SKOLL), Gianluca Mandolesi (CENTVRION), Marco Vitali (IBRIDOMA)
ospite per i cori soprano: Chiara Malvestiti (CRYSALYS)
ospite le la voce tenore solista nella parte di musica lirica: Christian Bartolacci (IBRIDOMA, SCALA MERCALLI)

Exceptionally among the Special Guests:
the Ukrainian black metal cult: Knjaz Varggoth (NOKTURNAL MORTUM)
the metal hero of the '80s Mario "The Black" Di Donato (REQUIEM, THE BLACK)

10 November 2015 : 3rd Studio Report
Photo & video sessions: The new photo and video sessions for the 5th album METALLVM ITALICVM took place at the end of October.
The first place involved was the Ancient Roman Theater from the ruins of the ancient Roman town HELVIA RECINA (Macerata, MC, IT).
Footage taken by Forward Agency ( with the authorization of "Ministero per i Beni e le Attività culturali e del Turismo - Direzione regionale per i Beni Culturali e Paesaggistici delle MARCHE - Soprintendenza Beni Archeologici delle MARCHE". Area di proprietà della ”Soprintendenza Beni Archeologici delle MARCHE".
Ancient Italic woman for the photo session interpreted by Claudia Pagnanini.
The second session took place at the Scena Italica Crypt in the Leopardian town Recanati (MC).
The first promotional pics are now available.
Recording places: the album, that ends the tetralogy on Virgilio's ENEIDE and the pre-Roman cycle, has been recorded in 2 different places: tracks 1-5 recorded with a mobile studio (by DPF Studio near the Roman theater of HELVIA RECINA (where the photos were also taken); tracks 6-7 recorded at DPF Studio, played on a ghost ambient track taken by Hesperus at the glacial lake of Sibilla (also called Pilatus Lake), on the Sibillini Mountains (Marche).The lake was an initiatory place for many alchemists, knights, esoterists (Virgilio, the author of Eneide, might have been there).
Instruments & sounds: The album is a MANIFESTO of the genre (Italic Metal) and uses every musical standard genre to create an epic, luxurious, grandiose, spiritually/culturally Italic, e formally metal & rock sound: from pagan black metal to NWOBHM, from epic metal to AOR, from Italic folk to identitary rock and opera music (in the structure there is a Requiem sung by a Tenor and opera choirs).
About electric guitars: no pod or distorsion pedals used, only a valve-amplifier and a 6-cone cabinet to obtain a nicer old-style dynamic (except for chorus & delay on clean sounds).
About bass: active pickup bass and a valve-amplifier.
Folk instruments: Italic-Roman instruments were used again (tibia, flauto di pan, crotali, timpani, tamburelli, sistro) and cetra & lira were added.
About Keyboards: no guitar synth or programmed keys (like on the previous album Spiritvs Italicvs); everything on the new album was actually played: controller midi keyboards to use a professional orchestra software, an old '60s Mellotron to create old colossal movies atmospheres, 2 Korg keyboards and a Roland Jupiter to create epic, sophisticated wave sounds in the '80s style.
About drums: a Vintage Rock kit, not a metal one, was used.
About vocals: more variety of clean vocals.
This time there are no movie dialogues but more Latin parts originally taken from the Roman poem Eneide, interpreted by Hesperus.

guest vocals:
Figlia della Tempesta (Lo Spirito del Luogo)
Lord Inferos, Adranor, Flagellum (LEGION of DARKNESS)
Marco "M" De Rosa (The True ENDLESS, SKOLL)
guest bass:
Gianluca Mandolesi (CENTVRION)
guest guitar:
Marco Vitali (IBRIDOMA)
guest for soprano choirs:
Chiara Malvestiti (CRYSALYS)
guest for lead tenor vocals on the lirycal Opera parts:
Christian Bartolacci (IBRIDOMA, SCALA MERCALLI)

Exceptionally among the Special Guests:
the Ukrainian black metal cult: Knjaz Varggoth (NOKTURNAL MORTUM)
the metal hero of the '80s Mario "The Black" Di Donato (REQUIEM, THE BLACK)

Coming soon the preview of 2 new songs and the cover artwork

18 September 2014: Hesperia is now wrapping up work on new album "Metallvm Italicvm" (the fourth part of the "Aeneidos Metalli Apotheosis"). Mixing and mastering is being handled at DPF Studios.

Guest musicians include Mario "The Black" Di Donato (Requiem, The Black) and Knjaz Varggoth (Nokturnal Mortum). The album is divided into 10 tracks featuring about 43 minutes of music. The track listing is as follows:

1. Incipit: AENEIDOS Apotheosis
4. Interludium I: Ave Metallvm Italicvm
7. Interludium II: Ave Hesperia
9. HESPERIAs Triumphator (instrumental)
10. Apotheosis: ROMA Incipit

8 September 2015 :New video clip out now for "Spiritvs Italicvs I," the title track off the album of the same name released last year by Sleaszy Rider Records.

The album is a manifesto about the rebirth of the true Italic spirit and is part of a series of releases by the band dedicated to the Holy Roman poem "Eneide."

10 June 2014: Hesperia has begun the recordings of the new Hesperia album titled Metallvm Italicvm and the recordings are being made by DPF STUDIO
The album is the fourth and last part of the concept about the Roman poem Eneide. Metallvm Italicvm will be influenced from every musical style (from Italian opera to epic metal, from black metal to AOR and folk music) to create an epic and italic sound. Among the guests will be a Tenor-singer to perform some passages. This will be the first experiment ever that puts metal and Italian opera (Musica Lirica) with a male opera lead singer together.

23 DECEMBER 2013 : Today 23 December 2013, in occasion of the"Natalis Solis Invicti", Sleaszy Rider Records (label that has just released Motorhead's "Aftershock" with exclusive license for Greece) officially releases "SPIRITVS ITALICVS", the 4th album by HESPERIA.
The album is the 3rd part of the concept about the Roman holy poem ENEIDE (by P.M. VIRGILIO), that was started in 2003 with the 1st album "Aeneidos Metalli Apotheosis pars I" and continued in 2009 with "IN HONOREM HEROIS".
This work is also an album Manifesto about the rebirth of the ancient "ITALIC SPIRIT", recorded by the Sibillini Mounts, in the castle of Pievefavera, built on the ruins of the ancient Roman town Faveria.
The CD contains 8 tracks (duration time: around one hour), a multimedial CD-rom track with information about the general concept of Hesperia and about the Historical/Spiritual/Ritual meaning; illustrated story of the album, photographic documentation of the recording places, and it has a 16-page booklet with illustrations, full lyrics, explanation of the concept and the meaning.
The album contains another hidden album, and the first 100 copies will include a golden twigs of Laurel
Three tracks are still avaliable in streaming on Soundcloud

Official words by Hesperus:"It's a real honor for HESPERIA to be released under the same label that has just released the newest Motorhead album, in exclusive for Greece, at the beginning of this month; Sleaszy Rider Records is doing a great job".

CD avaliable in the Sleaszy Rider Records catalogue, price 9,99 euros (shipping cost included)

Hq download or streming avaliable in Official Hesperia Bandcamp


1- Praeludium/SIBYLLA
3-Interludium I: Nova Invocatio Musae
5-Interludium II: Ave Spiritvs Italicvs
8-Postludium: Ad Metallvm Italicvm

Trailer of the album:

Sleaszy Rider Records

HESPERIA, official links:

Photo Location: Roman Amphitheater of URBS SALVIA, Urbisaglia (MC), Italy, courtesy of "Ministero per i Beni e le Attività culturali-Direzione regionale per i Beni Culturali e Paesaggistici delle MARCHE-Soprintendenza Beni Archeologici delle MARCHE"

12 NOVMBER 2013 : The album "Spiritvs Italicvs" will be released the 12th November by Sleaszy Rider RECORDS.
The album is also a MANIFESTO about the Ancient Lost ITALIC SPIRIT.The album is the 3rd part of the series based on the poem ENEIDE by P.M. Virgilio, and the sequel of the last two albums on the same topic: "Aeneidos Metalli Apotheosis pars I" (which came out in 2002 for Forart/Il Male Production), and "IN HONOREM HEROIS - (Aeneidos... pars II)" (which came out in 2008 for Blazing Productions - It has been recorded in PIEVEFAVERA castle, a Medieval castle/village built on the ruins of the ancient Roman town Faveria, near the SIBILLINI MOUNTAINS.

The first 77 copies will contain a little golden brunch of laurel.

Trailer of the new album SPIRITVS ITALICVS


OCTOBER 2013 :HESPERIA signed a multi-album deal with SLEASZY RIDER RECORDS.

Some of the metal/hard rock bands just released or to be released in Greece by Sleaszy Rider Records:
Blackmore's Night, Def Leppard, Place Vendome, etc...

and some black metal bands: Ancient, Crest of Darkness, Satarial, etc...

MAY 2013: new preview tracks from the forthcoming album "SPIRITVS ITALICVS" on official MY SPACE and SOUNDCLOUD

21 APRIL 2013, Birth of ROMA: Trailer Preview of the new HESPERIA album titled "SPIRITVS ITALICVS ( III)

Hesperus dedicates this album to the Eternal Holy "URBS" and to the Italic lands in the hope that they return to the ancient glory.
The location of the video trailer is Ancient Roman Amphitheater and Ruins of the old ancient town of URBS SALVIA (Urbisaglia, MC, ITALY)
Filming Location "under courtesy of":
"Ministero per i Beni e le Attività culturali-Direzione regionale per i Beni Culturali e Paesaggistici delle MARCHE-Soprintendenza Beni Archeologici delle MARCHE"

Video shots taken by Forart/Forward Agency

Spiritvs Italicvs by HESPERIA® is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribuzion - Non commercial - No derivated works 3.0 Unported License.
Based on a work at
All rights reserved 2013.

Hesperus plays:
Guitars electric & acoustic
Bass & bass effects
Every voices, singing, screaming, narration, characters
Synth & synth guitars
Movie peplum effects
Ancient Roman acoustic instruments: pan flute(syrinx), tibia, crotali, sistrum, cimbali
Drums (with the assistance of the drummer Saturnus)

Official HESPERIA website:

JANUUARY 2013: a preview track from the forthcoming "SPIRITVS ITALICVS - (Aeneidos... pars III)" is ready for download in EPITOMAES section. You can listen it in HESPERIA OFFICIAL MYSPACE too

MAY 2012: the recordings for the music and the vocals on the new studio album "SPIRITVS ITALICVS - (Aeneidos... pars III)" have been concluded. The album is the 3rd part of the series based on the poem ENEIDE by P.M. Virgilio, and the sequel of the last two albums on the same topic: "Aeneidos Metalli Apotheosis pars I" (which came out in 2002 for Forart/Il Male Production), and "IN HONOREM HEROIS - (Aeneidos... pars II)" (which came out in 2008 for Blazing Productions -

All of the vocals have been recorded in PIEVEFAVERA castle, a Medieval castle/village built on the ruins of the ancient Roman town Faveria, near the SIBILLINI MOUNTAINS.

The album will see several guests, who will contribute to the vocals. All of these guests come from well-known bands that are part of the Scaena Italica (

Drums are created and recorded by HESPERUS together with the new drummer SATURNUS.

The album should be out by the end of this year. Tracklist:
3-Interludium I: La Nuova Invocazione alle Muse

Based upon the books #6-7-8-9 of the poem "Eneide" by Virgilio (the first five Books were covered on the previous albums), the album will once again include a multimedia interactive track with an illustrated history and material regarding the recording places; the music has a ritual meaning.


O U T N O W Official album CD release (avaliable January 2009):

The second part of the colossal Italic metal epopea based on the Roman poem Eneide (Aeneidos)
(CD-rom track inside with illustrated story, Hesperia’s concept, recording places, video)

Taste the greatness of the purest Metallvm Italicvm

Hesperia is the ancient name of the Italic lands
Hesperia is metal from the Archaic Italic spirit

More info on HESPERIA in Official Homepages:

More Info on HESPERIA in Metal Archives (Encyclopedia Metallum)



Prossime uscite

-IN HONOREM HEROIS (Aeneidos Metalliapotheosis parte II) "CD in glass master professionale, versione completa con booklet" prevista in inverno (fine 2007-inizio 2008); Questa è la Seconda parte della Tetralogia (4 parts)sull'ENEIDE e che appartiene ai CDs del primo Compendio (Storico-Mitologico)

-SPIRITVS ITALICVS (Aeneidos Metalliapotheosis parte III): previsto per il 2009 sara' la terza parte.

-METALLUM ITALICUM (Aeneidos Metalliapotheosis parte IV): la parte finale di "Aeneidos Metalliapotheosis".


LUGLIO 2007- "IN HONOREM HEROIS-Aeneidos Metallipaotheosis part II" CD in glass master professionale, versione completa con booklet" & cd-rom illustrated story, prevista in inverno (fine 2007-inizio 2008) prodotta da "BLAZING PRODUCTIONS". infos in the section "Ars Regia"(releases: future releases) o nella sezione "Contemplatio" (news)

MARZO 2007- Presentazione di "IN HONOREM HEROIS-Aeneidos Metallipaotheosis part II" a"La Tana Delle Tigri"

FEBBARAIO 2007- ESCE: "IN HONOREM HEROIS-Aeneidos Metallipaotheosis part II" in Promo versione card-case, serygrafia CD-R promozione dellaFORART.EU. Promozione presso numersoe etichette. Infos

SETTEMBRE 2006- Iniziano missaggio e masterizzazione dell'album "IN HONOREM HEROIS-Aeneidos Metallipaotheosis part II"previsto per il prossimo anno. Mix & masterrizzazione avranno luogo ai Patchworks Dungeons.

LUGLIO 2006 - Batteria e percussioni verranno registrate in un luogo rivelato all'uscita del novo album. Le parti di batteria verranno registrate dal batterista session "HERCULES" (cortesia della BM band marchigiana EMPERIAL ABYSS).

MAGGIO/GIUGNO 2006- Hesperus registra le parti vocali di "IN HONOREM HEROIS-Aeneidos Metalliapotheosis parte II"

APRILE 2006 - Hesperus è ospite nel programma tv "Extreme Metal" (ROCK TV) condotto da Aleister (FAUST); durante il prgramma, Hesperus introduce il nuovo VIDEO CLIP "Il Ritorno di una Civiltà Arcaica", e illustra il concept di Hesperia e della "Civiltà Crepuscolare della Seconda Era"

MARZO 2006 - ( e Hesperus girano le scene del nuovo video di HESPERIA"Il Ritorno di una Civiltà Arcaica".Inscenate nuove foto. Scene e fot ambientate alle Grotte di S. Eustacchio (in questi monti).

NOVEMBRE 2004-ESCE IL NUOVO FULL-LENGHT "Il Ritorno di una Civiltà Arcaica (HESPERIAN METAL)"un nuovo album basato solo concettualmente sul vecchiorehearsal completamente risuonato, riregistrato, riarrangiato (con passagi differenti, with Liriche riarrangiate in italiano-latino); sara' la Prefazione ai VOLUMI (CDs) del Secondo e Terzo Compendio. Limitato a 300 copie, stampa professionale e CD-r serigrafato, traccia cd-rom (suoni ambient registrati sui Monti Sibillini, ovviamente.) Promozione a cura de "Il Male production" &:, Old Italia distribution, Il Male production, ATC distribution.

-Per Guerrieri Metal: ordina questo prodotto a :, Old Italia, Il Male production, ATC productions

-Per etichette e zines:chiedi il promo a "Il Male Production"

-Per"Fieri Hesperiani": le prime 50 copie conterranno un"Souvenir Sibillino-Hesperiano"ordina e prenota ORA a HESPERUS

SETTEMBRE 2004- Un traccia di "Aeneidos ...parte I" passata su Radio R-Lupinaria, durante il programma LupOnair . Sul sito una breve intervista .

AGOSTO 2004-Problemi prima del missaggio dell'imminente album; parti di basso e batteria cancellate: le parti saranno risuonate e riregistrate da Hesperus stesso (incluse le parti di batteria acustica) e non da Vulcano, per problemi di tempo; l'uscita verrà ritardata di qualche settimana.

MAGGIO 2004-Registrazione del nuovo FULL-LENGHT "Il Ritorno di una Civiltà Arcaica" completata. Missaggio e masterizzazione previste per estate-autunno 2004 aiPatchwork Dungeons.

APRILE 2004- HESPERIA will JOIN to the SECOND compilation OF "IL MALE production" titled "I Fiori del Male volume 2"; the track inserted is "Il Ritorno di una Civlità Arcaica".

MARZO 2004- ESCE un CD single intitolato "Il Ritorno di una Civiltà Arcaica"; contiene:

la Title Track dell'imminente full-lenght album "Il Ritorno di una Civiltà Arcaica" + il VIDEO track "The Archetypal Tyrant of Hesperia" (8 min.); marchiato "Il MALE production" & printed on request da

Richiedera a o a . Possibili trade verranno decisi da ""

The print of This CD 7'' will be stopped 1 month before the release of the new full-lenght "Il Ritorno di una Civiltà Arcaica "(foreseen for autumn 2004).

FEBBRAIO 2004-Prevista una ristampa di"Aeneidos Metalliapotheosis parte I" per la label "IL MALE production" ( come IMP 010.

GENNAIO 2004-La prima "Aeneidos Metalliapotheosis parte I" è SOLD-OUT; IL MALE production diviene Independent Label.

DICEMBRE 2003- Il batterista VULCANO" (Ex- Sulphuria) diviene temporaneamente membro di HESPERIA.

JUNE 2003-HESPERIA partecipa alla COMPILATION de"IL MALE production" titled "I Fiori del Male volume 1"; latraccia inserita è "The Archetypal Tyrant of HESPERIA (HESPERUS Return's) dal rehearsal '97 "The Return of an Archaic Civilization";è una versione riregistrata nel 2001 e aggiunta come Bonus Track sulle prime 200 copie di "Aeneidos Metalli apotheosisi part I"


( )

FEBRUARY 2003-USCITA DI "AENEIDOS METALLIAPOTHEOSIS part I" limitato a 200 copies con Bonus Track & CD-Rom track -Narration Illustrated & spiegazione del Concept totale che lega e unira' ogni uscita di HESPERIA; rilasciato sotto"Ab Sibillinis Montibus Artificii" etichetta dell'auto-produzione.